How do I edit & update my Company Address / Contact Information?

NOTE: It is very important that you keep your Company Information up to date so you continue to receive any notification we send concerning your account, including notifications about statements, payments and any technical issues that could arise from your title deliveries.

1. From the left hand pane under 'Main', Click 'Company Info'

Enter/Edit your 'Company's Legal Information' & 'Mailing Address'

Please Note:
You cannot change the "Company Name" or the "Contracting Party” as these are connected to your agreements with Traxsource. To make changes to the ownership of the account please contact


Enter/Edit your Contact Details

Please Note:
The technical manager contact for your account will be used to send you notifications if there are any problems with the titles you have delivered, The accounting contact will be used to notify you when your monthly sales statements have been issued and for all other financial issues.


4. Click 'Submit to Traxsource'

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