Why Choose Traxsource?


Traxsource is the modern home for real House and Techno.

Established in 2004, from the internationally renowned Soulfuric Recordings, the site was created with one simple aim: to provide the perfect outlet to promote and sell the world’s finest underground dance music.

Traxsource is a privately owned download platform and maintains that true essence of a record label. Unlike many others, our site is carefully curated everyday by a team of established DJs and producers to help our customers to navigate and find your music, quickly.


Traxsource has grown organically over the past 12 years, but in the last year things have escalated substantially. For example, in Q1 2016 we beat Q1 2015 by almost 25%, thanks not only to our excellent customer service and A&R department, but also the mutually beneficial relationships we build with our labels, distributors and artists.

We pay monthly and on time.
No restrictive contract terms, no changes in ownership, no missed payments


In addition, you benefit from direct contact with each one of our departments to ensure your questions are answered in a timely fashion, as we provide the perfect platform to purvey your productions.


We have established ourselves as key influencers in the underground scene for many years and are experts within our niche. For us, the music always comes first. We offer a level playing field to labels and producers (large and small), working in tandem with all providers to ensure they receive the best promo on across our website and social media channels.

Pushing your traffic to Traxsource helps nurture a mutually beneficial relationship and to shine that extra light needed to get your releases into the right charts.


A Traxsource exclusive release allows you to charge a higher price point for your music, build a relationship with your audience and shows you are really committed to working with us.

Contrary to other download sites with exclusives, we not only allow, but actively encourage our label partners to do early streaming with your regular platforms alongside your Traxsource Exclusives, which has proven to show great results.

Exclusives get extra consideration over non-exclusive releases and stand a much better chance of getting into our sales chart (a known /proven industry barometer for labels signing artists or promoters booking DJs). Plus, with our added marketing exposure, we’ll help turn your release into a hit.


We will work hard to get your music noticed by a wider audience. Working in tandem with our experienced A&R department, we give extra consideration for placement and inclusion of your exclusive release in all of the following areas.

• Front Page Banners
• Genre Banners
• What’s Hot
• Hype Chart
• Weekend Weapons
• Essentials
• DJ Charts
• Features on
• Social network inclusion
• Traxsource LIVE! (With over 12 million listeners per month in over 20 countries.)
• Traxsource Youtube playlists or videos
• Magazine features
• Radio segments


To ensure your releases reach their full potential, we suggest that labels and their artists help us to create the maximum exposure by:

• Push all marketing efforts of the exclusive releases to their Traxsource links
• Provide social network support on all your channels to their Traxsource links
• Provide DJ charts along with the exclusive release
• Keep your Artist and Label logos & bios updated
• Keep in constant contact with content and marketing department

We encourage labels not to sign any exclusive deals with other sites as releases we receive late or that have held exclusives elsewhere are not eligible for features on Traxsource, out of respect to our DJ clientele and partners that do provide us with exclusives and general releases.


We are looking to provide our customers with the most exclusive underground house music on the planet and to build your label and artists here. With your help, we can realize that idealism by working with you as a team.

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