A Brand New Way to Request Features on Traxsource has Arrived!


Introducing, the new Traxsource ‘Feature Request’ process


Artists, labels, & remixers now have the ability to request features on their upcoming music directly from the Traxsource Label & Content System

This new process greatly improves efficiency both for you and for us. Your feature requests show up directly in our A&R workflow providing the key information you want us to know right where we need it most and eliminates confusing emails with clumsy links and file downloads.

As we move into 2021, utilizing ‘Feature Requests’ from our Label and Content System (Direct Label or Entity Account Required) is the best way to make sure your music stays on our team’s radar.  Please note, we will be phasing out email-based feature requests soon.


Have a new release coming up? Pitch your upcoming track to us before it drops and let us know why we need to pay attention.  Your ‘Feature Request’ is certain to reach our A&R team for consideration to be included in our highly coveted featured positions and bundles including:

  • Genre and Home Page Banners
  • Genre 'Essentials' Chart
  • 'Weekend Weapons' Bundle
  • 'HYPE' Chart Bundle
  • 'What's Hot' Listing
  • Bi-Weekly E-blasts
  • Social Media Features (Track of the day etc)
  • And More...

How do I submit my ‘Feature Request’?

In order to submit your ‘feature request,’ you must Login to the Traxsource Label & Content System @ with either your direct label account details or your artist or label entity account (see below if you do not have either).  Once logged in, select ‘feature requests’ from the left menu and follow the prompts.

More detailed instructions for submitting a ‘Feature Request’ HERE


Don’t have access?

Join the Traxsource Label & Content System via an Entity Account. A Traxsource entity account puts you in control of your Artist and/or Label profile(s) on Traxsource and allows you to edit your bio, update your profile picture & logos, submit DJ charts and as well as send us aforementioned “feature requests”.

You can Claim your Entity Account here ->

Please note, If you are already connected with a Traxsource team member via email, you can make this process much quicker by emailing them directly.

Time to amaze the world with your music!


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