Sales Statements

When will I receive my sales statement? accounts on a monthly basis for sales.  You will receive email notice that your sales statement is ready to be viewed/downloaded within thirty (30) days following the end of each contractual accounting period.


How can I obtain copies of sales statements for periods prior to May 2011?

For copies of any sales statements prior to the May 2011 please email with your request.  Please be sure to include your label/account name and the specific sales period for which you need copies.


I did not receive a sales statement this month.  Why is my sales statement not posted in my account profile?

If there are no sales for your account in a specific sales period a statement will not be posted to your profile.  If you see sales listed when you generate a online report for a specific sales period but your statement still has not posted to your profile after 30 days from the end of the period please and we will look investigate the issue.

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