Turbocharge your event with Powered By Traxsource!


Turbocharge your event with Powered By Traxsource!

Hosting, promoting or playing at an event that would be of interest to Traxsource’s committed, passionate and knowledgeable followership? Our brand new initiative, Powered By Traxsource, is a simple and cost-free way to help you reach this audience, and turbocharge your event!

Powered By Traxsource operates on a system of reciprocal promotion. For approved partners, we will:

  • Include your event details, artwork, and ticket link and Facebook event link on our Powered By Traxsource page, updated weekly.
  • Share forthcoming Powered By Traxsource dates across our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), on a weekly basis.
  • Become a host of the Facebook event, giving your gig visibility to our followers.
  • Share your event artwork on Instagram Stories with ticket link, in week prior to event.

All you need to do is:

  • Include the Powered By Traxsource logo (available to download here in a number of formats) on all printed and digital artwork and assets - digital and printed flyers, Facebook event header, promo videos, eflyers etc.
  • Submit the event for approval using the form below.
  • Make Traxsource an admin of the Facebook event.

NOTE: Acceptance of your party as a Powered By Traxsource event is subject to approval. Please do not make public any artwork with the Powered By Traxsource logo until you receive notification that your event has been accepted. Please take the time to read the Terms & Conditions.


Powered By Traxsource Terms & Conditions

By submitting your event for consideration as a Powered By Traxsource event, you agree to the following:

• You warrant and represent that all information provided is accurate.
• You agree to include approved "Powered By Traxsource" logos on all physical and digital marketing from the moment we accept your event forward.
• The “Powered By Traxsource” logo will not be altered from the designs available (layout, colors etc.).
• Your submission of the online "Flyer" artwork includes approved "Powered By Traxsource" Logo, but you will not make this public until we officially agree either by email or by our inclusion of your event.
• Acceptance as a Powered By Traxsource event is at the discretion of Traxsource, and may depend on factors such as, but not limited to: the profile of the artists playing, and their relationship with Traxsource; the reputation of the venue; conflict of interest with other Powered By Traxsource events; etc.
• Upon inclusion of your event in our Powered By Listings, Traxsource agrees to list your event for at least 1 week, and if possible in the weeks leading up to the event.

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