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Monday, March 12, 2018

Dear Label Partners, Distribution Partners, and Artists,

Last week Traxsource announced we would be updating our prices, and we are very happy to report that we have just completed that update today.  If you missed that communication you can find it here:

First, we want to say a massive thank you for your amazing feedback.  We recognize that the success of Traxsource is tied directly to the success of each and every label, product and artist we represent and our goal is always to ensure the best result for our Content Partners.

Overwhelmingly the feedback we received was positive and thoughtful and we appreciate your support so thank you very much. We would like to take this opportunity to announce an adjustment based on your feedback and to provide a clarification:

1- The “Classic” price tier has been adjusted to be effective on releases more than 90 days old.  

Thank you for your feedback, we heard you and agree that 36 days is too soon so we have changed this to 90 days.   This will extend the premium valuation for your new products with the automatic price reduction to the "Classic" tier on a more appropriate timetable.

2- The “Package Prices” refer to Releases, Albums, Compilations etc & not our “Bundles”

Some of you expressed concerns over our DJ Charts and other “Bundles” at the package prices we outlined.  To clarify - every single DJ chart, Essentials List, or any other bundle created by Traxsource does not offer any price breaks - no matter how big the track listing is. The “package prices” apply only to Singles, Albums, EPs and Compilations as delivered to us by you.  We hope this clarifies the “Package Price” columns.

Finally, we want to alert you that as of today, our official “Online Exhibit C End-User Price List” has been updated to reflect the new prices outlined last week.  You may view the revised Exhibit C within the Label & Content System.

Thank you,
The Traxsource Team

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