What if my company is not from the US?

Do I have to complete a W-8 form if my label/company is not registered in the U.S.?

Agreements with Traxsource can be completed for non-U.S. based labels without completing a W-8 form however if we do not receive a completed tax form we are required to deduct U.S. withholding tax at the full rate of 30% from all of your payments.  If you are based outside the U.S. and are not a U.S Citizen you must submit a valid U.S. Internal Revenue Service W-8 tax form in order to take advantage of any reduced withholding tax treaty rates that may be available to you. You should consult your in-house tax department or an outside tax advisor to determine which W-8 form you are required to complete.  Traxsource cannot provide tax advice other than giving basic instruction on what parts of the tax form need to be completed.

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