Break Down Of 'Release Information' Page

Below is a clear and detailed break down of each section from the Release Information page.
* = Required Field

• Label *

Click the box to reveal the labels assigned to your account and choose the desired one you would like your release linked to.

• Release Artist *

Type in your artist names for the release. If more than one, separate with commas. E.g. Kerri Chandler, Jerome Sydenham.

• Release Title *

Type in the name of your release (Single, EP, Compilation or Album title).

• Format *

Click the box to reveal the formats and choose the desired one relevant for your release.

• Catalog Number *

A catalog number is a unique identification number a record label creates and assigns to each release. Catalog numbers are generally a combination of numbers and letters. Typically, the letters are a part of a record label's name, and the numbers identify the sequential order of the release. E.g. TR001, TR002, TR003.

• UPC / EAN / Bar Code (recommended)
A UPC (12 Digit Universal Product Code) or EAN (13 digit International Article Number) is a unique code number used to identify a physical and/or digital product. This can be a single, album etc. UPC/EAN numbers help in uniquely & accurately tracking your sales worldwide.
For more information on UPC, EAN and barcodes visit
GS1 US: for UPC's.
GS1 UK: for EAN's.

• GRID (optional)
GRid (Global Release ID) provides a system for the unique identification of "Releases" of music over electronic networks, so that they can be managed efficiently. For more information, go to

• Credits / Full Description
Type in information about everyone involved with your release (who written, produced, arranged, mixed, mastered the music along with copyright and publisher information etc.). Also a useful description/hype about your release. This can also include DJ and/or Press feedback. 

• STEMS Audio File Release
Make sure this box is checked if you are submitting a STEMS only release.
If you are unfamiliar with Open-Format STEMS, please see the links below.
Learn About Stems Here
Stems F.A.Q: Click Here

• Exclusive Promo

Exclusive Promo gives you the opportunity to release your music on Traxsource for a certainly period of time Exclusively before any other stores. Please go HERE and view the section 'How To Get Featured' to see the possible benefits.

How To Set Up
1. Click the 'Exclusive Promo' check box.
2. Set the 'Traxsource Live Date' you want your title to go live as an Exclusive.
3. Set the 'Commercial Release Date' you want your title to end as an Exclusive and switch to a normal release

NOTE: 'Traxsource Live Date' must be prior to the 'Commercial Release Date'.

Two Week Exclusive Example
• Traxsource Live Date: 03/08/2019 (starts as a promo only on Traxsource)
• Commercial Release Date: 03/22/2019 (ends as a promo& goes live on all other stores.)

• Commercial Release Date *

• Traxsource Live Date *

This signifies the date your release will go live and be visible on

• Pre-Order Start Date (optional)

Pre-order's allow customers to preview and buy your tracks on Traxsource prior to the official Traxsource live date. Customers who pre-order your track will not receive the actual download until the official Traxsource live date and will receive a notification via email when its available to download. For more information, Click Here.

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