2019 New Agreement FAQs

Why do I need to sign a new Agreement?  

Traxsource has operated using essentially the same agreement for over 10 years.  Recently, we have made fundamental changes to our corporate structure which has made entering into revised contracts with all content providers unavoidable.  We also used this opportunity to streamline and modernize the agreement. 

  • All contracts will now be directly with Traxsource Inc.;
  • Rather than two separate contracts for USA and ROW, there will only be one contract for all sales worldwide.
  • The new agreement will make it possible for us to add new services on an opt in basis as changes in the market may demand.


What has changed in the new Agreement?  

Our new agreement is essentially the same as our existing agreement which is already in place.  Though the new format provides us the ability to add new services if and when the market may demand and addresses updates which will allow us remain competitive.  Any new services we may add in the future will be on an “opt in” basis. Here is a list of changes you will find: 

  • 1 Single Worldwide Agreement, (instead of 2, US and ROW)
  • New Corporate Structure.  (Now Traxsource Inc. Is the contracting party)
  • New ‘Electronic’ Format for Digital signing. (no more printing, scanning etc)
  • New Opt in, ‘Additional Services’ Exhibit (currently there are no new services being offered)
  • Updated & New Exhibits Added

 What do I need to do to bring my account up to date?

  • Please visit the Traxsource Label & Content System ASAP and complete all required items.  Our progress bar will guide you through the following required items. 
    1. Verify Company Contacts (1 min)
    2. Choose a Payment method in the new system. (1 min)
    3. Submit a new Tax form Electronically (5 min)
    4. Review and Execute the new Agreement Digitally (5 min)

** Please Email us at if you have any further questions. 

How long will it take for me to complete? 

We have streamlined the process to be as quick as possible, once you have all your documents and have read through them, it should only take you 10-15 minutes to complete everything. 

How may I receive $50.00 in Traxsource Music?

As a Token of appreciation for helping us complete this process quickly and efficiently, all companies who have completed our requested account updates by Sept 15th 2019, will receive a $50.00 Traxsource gift certificate on us.



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