How May I Be Paid Via Transferwise Borderless Account?

It is possible to be paid via Transferwise providing you have obtained a "Borderless USD Account" and have set it up correctly. 

Please carefully follow the instructions below to ensure your payments will. 

 1 - Notify Us:   

Notify that you wish to receive payment to a "Transferwise Borderless Account"

2 - Gather Account Information

  • Bank name and address (Typically this is Community Federal Savings Bank, 19 W 24th Street New York 10010 USA but please confirm with Transferwise)
  • Account Number
  • ABA Routing Number
  • Name of your account (Typically this is "TransferWise FBO" followed by your name)

3 - Update Your Payout Method

  • Login to your Traxsource Label & Content System account here
  • Click on "My Company Info" and then select "Payment & Tax Info"
  • Select "Add Payout Method"
  • On the General Information page, change your address to the one Transferwise gives you for the account (pictured below) and click the "Next" button.



  •  Select "Bank Transfer" for Payment Method then click "Next"




  • Enter your account information exactly as specified by Transferwise
    (Typically the name of the Account Holder is “TransferWise FBO” followed by your name)









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