2019 FAQ Regarding Improvements

What are the Improvements Traxsource has made in 2019? 

In 2019 Traxsource made many dramatic back end and infrastructure improvements which all work together resulting in a new and improved standard of service to you.  They include:

  • Significant Storage Upgrade -  Traxsource has significantly expanded its storage capacity, essentially doubling our size.  This larger storage area will mean much more forgiving space saving actions and less need for us to purge content.  We look forward to welcoming your new music!    
  • New Payment Options with Lower Monthly Thresholds- We now offer lower minimum payment thresholds for monthly payment and have added international ACH payments.  This makes receiving your payments quicker and more cost effective than ever! 

  • Digital Tax Form Submission - Our new online process & help section makes submitting your W9 or W8 form a literal breeze, and possible from directly within our system. 

  • New Communication Options & Other ‘Label & Content System’ Upgrades - Our Label & Content System has been given a brand new engine, making self management and staff notifications much more powerful.  Expect major game changing upgrades in this area coming soon!

  • New Digital Agreements - In order to accommodate our new corporate structure, we have a new agreement which is digitally executable directly from within our back end system.  We've also streamlined things into one agreement for the world, this new modern approach will make it possible for us to serve you well into the future by providing us the ability to add new services on an opt in basis.  Learn more here.

  • 100% Digital On-Boarding & Contracting - All of our on-boarding  actions are now 100% Digital and fully executable from within our system.  This makes our process much more efficient and simple!






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