Enhanced Exclusive Promo ‘Opt In’ Service FAQ.

What is The 'Enhanced Exclusive Promo Opt In Service'?

Simply put, opt in and earn a 65% (instead of the standard 60%) Content Provider Payback for all your Exclusive Promo sales on Traxsource during the exclusive period.

Designed for companies who have a direct account with Traxsource and provided as a way to reward labels who are fully engaged in the Traxsource ecosystem and incentivise others who may want to give Traxsource a try.  Once opted in via the Label and Content System, companies will receive a 65% Content Provider Payback for sales on releases that are Traxsource Exclusive Promos.  

Once opted in, there is no obligation or expectation for every release to be exclusive (try it when and if you like) and you may opt out at any time. 

What does 'No Obligation or Expectation' for every release to be exclusive mean?

This means, once opted in, you choose only the releases YOU feel make sense for your company to be exclusive to Traxsource.   You may give us one, all, or none.  Unlike the “Exclusive” programs offered by other download sites, once opted in, we do not force you to give us exclusivity on EVERY release.  You are free to handle your releases as you feel best, while still earning a higher percentage on releases YOU do feel make sense to deliver as a Traxsource Exclusive. 


What Benefits Are There To 'Opting In'? 

‘Exclusive Promos’ on Traxsource have many advantages on their own and even more once opted into the program.  The first being that Traxsource Exclusive promos sell at a higher price point.  This price point coupled with the new higher “Enhanced” royalty split for sales during the exclusive period provides an effective way to maximize income in those first crucial weeks of release.  Additionally Exclusive Promos provide your Release with a greater chance of receiving a premium featured position from our A&R team. 

Lastly, please note there is zero risk or obligation, as you may opt in or out at any time, nor is there any expectation of providing all of your releases to Traxsource on an exclusive basis (deliver exclusives when and if you like).  And feel free to schedule your Traxsource Exclusives at the same time as your Consumer based Streaming (like Spotify) for optimum Promotional Impact (more information below about what is allowed). 

What qualifies as an 'Exclusive Promo' within the program? 

To qualify for the enhanced royalty within the program, your release must be an Exclusive Promo on Traxsource.  This means that your release is a new, previously unreleased, release which is made available only on Traxsource for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to being offered as a download elsewhere.  Traxsource must be the ONLY Download store which is allowed to sell the release during the exclusive period, and the release must not be available on any DJ focused streaming platforms(see blue and red chart below)

Can I release on 'Consumer based Streaming Services' at the same time as 'Exclusive Promo'? 

Yes! Not only is this allowed but it is Encouraged as this is how you can maximize the impact of your Promotion!  To Clarify, The Traxsource Exclusive Promo Service means exclusivity for DJ focused sites ONLY, and you are allowed to offer these releases to Spotify and other Non DJ Focused streaming platforms, see the chart below for specifics.


Can I upload my tracks to YouTube or SoundCloud channels for “Premiere” during this Exclusive period?

Yes!  As previously stated, this is not only allowed, but encouraged.  This will help you to receive the maximum Impact to your music.


How do I 'Opt in or out'? 

Providing your company has a direct deal with Traxsource, simply have your company’s account administrator or business affairs person login to the Traxsource label and content system and navigate to < My Company Info > Additional Services” and select “Enhanced Exclusive Promo Service”> , where you will find opting controls (Pictured Below) Or Click Here.


How may I participate if my label comes via a distributor? 

Currently, for any label coming from a distributor to take advantage of this program, the distributor must be opted in.  Please check with your Distributor to make sure they are in fact opted in.  If you are having trouble getting this information or need further assistance, please contact


How do I submit an 'Exclusive Promo' from the label system?

If you have a direct account with Traxsource and use the Label and Content system for submitting titles, this is found on the "Release Information" portion of the submission process.  You may find additional instructions here, half way down the page. 


How do I submit an 'Exclusive Promo' as a distributor using mass FTP / XML / DDEX Deliveries?

Please have your technical team refer to the 'Developer Specs', found here .  If you need further assistance, please Email our Label Support team at




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