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The following article outlines the process the process of transferring all of a labels existing titles from the control of the previous distributor over to your account, and performing Updates if required for maintenance.

Please Note:  There are pros, cons and certain technical processes you must agree to in order to utilize this method of transfer. Before choosing which process you should use please carefully review the following points: 


1-  THE PROS: Maintains all site stats and URLs, Dj Chart inclusions, Featured Positions and the releases never come offline.  Previous buyers do not lose connection to the product.

2- THE CONS: Requires your use of the UPC codes that are already in our system. Potential creation of a duplicate titles if the UPC Codes you deliver are not identical.

3- UNDERSTAND THE REQUIREMENTS: You must be technically capable of utilizing the existing UPCs for ALL releases within the labels catalog.  You must be able to fully manage the transferred releases , including updates and takedowns when needed.  Once releases are transferred to your account they cannot be removed by the previous distributor.

Please note, failure to accurately utilize existing UPCs will produce problematic results including duplicate releases on the site and releases you cannot update or takedown by XML . ***If you are not certain you are technically able to utilize the existing UPCs and manage the transferred releases, please use the "Take Down and Redeliver" method.  Learn More


The process  is as follows:

  1. Contact and make a request for the label to be transferred to your account.  Please include the name of the label, the requested transfer date and a link to the label on
  2. Traxsource will then locate the label and, if needed, contact the current distributor for confirmation.
  3. Once everyone is in agreement the label will be transferred to your account and you will receive notification that you now have control of the label and its existing titles.
  4. At this time you must review the metadata for the existing titles and, if needed, send XML updates or login to  to make any changes.  *IMPORTANT: When sending XML updates, you must be sure to use the Existing UPC Codes that are listed in our system or you will create duplicate titles in our system.



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