Which musical genres should I deliver?

Because we are a small boutique store focused primarily on House Music and its sub genres, it's very important you ONLY deliver relevant content.  Preferred partners get us and we get them, and this synergy has creates a powerful partnership which generates consistant results.  Control your feed carefully.

For Example, Please DO NOT Deliver:

  • Yoga and Exercise Compilations. 
  • Meditation music
  • Folk Music
  • World Music
  • Reggaeton
  • Trance
  • EDM
  • Drum and Bass
  • Rock
  • Trap

*** PLEASE NOTE: We would prefer that you control this process and maintain the ability to add new labels freely.  Saying that, if you are unable to effectively do this, we will move you to "Restricted" status ingestion feed" which means you must seek approval to add new labels.  *If you are currently in this status and would like to be re-evaluated, please contact 

Additionally, we periodically review content sitting on our drives which is not selling for potential removal.  If and when you receive notice from Traxsource regarding potential content being considered for removal, we would ask you to promptly review it and help us handle your content with care. 

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