How do I submit a new label to be sold on Traxsource?


How you submit a new label to Traxsource is dependent upon your current status in our ingestion system (more information on ingestion status below).  This status provides a range of process's from complete freedom, to approval only.  


As a Traxsource Distribution Partner, we desire you to have 100% freedom to deliver relevant new labels as you see fit without any interference from us.  Though, because Traxsource is boutique store focused on House music and its sub genres, this is sometimes not possible.  Please take a moment to review the following article to learn what is relevant to us and how to fine tune your feed.  Learn More Here


Sometimes, getting this process tuned up is not as simple as it sounds and when this occurs our system and process can help.  From time to time, our team will carefully evaluate the content you are delivering to make a determination on how relevant they are to our musical niche.  After our team consensus, we will provide your feed with 1 of 4 status's.  These are as follows: 

  • Preferred: Send new labels as you desire, we know you get us and we get you. 
  • Normal: Able to send new labels, content being delivered is relevant. 
  • Under Review: Though you are able to send freely, your feed is being monitored and feedback is being provided to help you tune things up.  After a period of time we will re-evaluate and your status and make a determination to either move it back to "Normal", or to "Restricted" (Approval Process Required).  The goal is to help you learn what is working and what is not in order to open your feed up again. 
  • Restricted (Approval Process Required): In this status, the process to add a new label requires an additional step. If you are in this status you can learn more about the submission process here.  Though this process adds friction, it is often helpful in getting both of our teams synergized to what works.  The goal is to get you opened up. Please note, if you are currently in this status and feel your feed is ready to be re-evaluated, please let us know!


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