How to submit W-8BEN-E for Non-US Registered Corporations

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Our online process makes submitting a W-8BEN-E form as a Non-U.S. Corporation very simple.  The entire process can be handled in a few minutes.  


PLEASE NOTE: The person completing this form must have the legal capacity to sign for the company.  As the Authorized Person, please review the below steps to help you navigate through the online form:



Gather the  following information which will be required to complete the form:

A- Full Legal Company Name - As it is registered in your county of incorporation.

B- Entity Type - i.e. Corporation

C- Registered Street Address - As it is registered in the county of incorporation. (P.O. Boxes are not acceptable as a registered address)

D- Mailing Address - If different from registered address. (P.O. Boxes are acceptable in this space only)

E- Foreign Tax Identification Number  (FTIN) - Your FTIN is the Tax Identification number issued to you by your country of residence. Each country has a different type of ID. It is imperative that you submit the correct FTIN for your specific country of residence or your tax form will be rejected by our system.  PLEASE NOTE:   VAT Numbers are NOT acceptable as an  FTIN. 

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) offers guidelines that can assist you in determining the appropriate FTIN to submit on your tax form. For country specific information from the OECD please visit their site here.  

  •  Alternatively - Click on the Your Country Below 




Once you have gathered the required information above, Login to your Traxsource account and follow the steps below to submit your tax form:

* Please note, in order to submit tax form, you must first have completed a payment method.  For help with this step please click here.

1- Login to The Traxsource Label & Content System here

2- Click on "My Company Info" from the Top Left Menu

3- Click on the "Payments and Tax Info" Tab

4- Click on "Submit A Tax Form"



5- Select “I am not a U.S. Person”

6- Select “I am a Corporation”, then click Continue


7- Select the appropriate answers to certify that you are not a U.S. citizen or resident and that you do not provide any services from within the U.S. Type in your name and click “Certify”


8- Enter the Name of Organization (that is the beneficial owner) (i.e. the name of the registered Corporation) and your “Entity Type” (typically you would select "Corporation" if you are a legally registered company in your country - i.e. GmbH, Ltd , BV, Sarl, Srl, etc.). Then enter the registered address for the company and mailing address. 

9- In the “Tax Payer Identification” section, Enter your Foreign Tax Identification Number (FTIN) without any spaces or punctuation.  Please enter the Tax ID only, do not enter any other numbers or characters. (for more information on FTIN see section E- above).  Important: VAT Numbers are NOT acceptable as an  FTIN. 

10- (OPTIONAL) If you have a valid U.S. Tax ID number issued to the company you may enter in the space provided for a “U.S. Taxpayer Identification Number (EIN)” but this is only in addition to your FTIN.

11- Please note - DO NOT select “I will not or am unable to provide a Tax Identification Number” unless you do not wish to claim the benefits of the tax treaty that may be available to you. Failure to submit a valid Tax Identification number will result in the full 30% tax being deducted from any amounts owed to you.

12- Click Continue


13- Certify that you are a resident of the country listed and Select the appropriate reason you meet the criteria to claim the treaty benefits. Click “Continue”


14-Review to make sure everything is correct, if it is, click “continue”

15-Select the appropriate certifications

16-Thoroughly review the legal language on the page and , provided all is correct, type your full legal name and click on “I certify that I have the capacity to sign for the entity,... “

17-Click “Complete W-8BEN-E” to submit your form.


Once you complete & submit the W-8BEN-E, we will review it and alert you if there are any issues.

***Please note: a new form must be submitted within 30 days if any of the details on this form change (including but not limited to Company name or address).  The form will expire after 3 years and a new form must be completed prior to that expiration in order to avoid any delays in payment.



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