How To Submit W9 For US Single Member LLC

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Our new Online process makes submitting your W9 form a literal breeze 🙌.  It should take you around 2 minutes to complete it.  


  • All U.S. Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) we receive are verified through the IRS E-Services System, so please be sure you enter your TIN accurately.  TINs that fail to match IRS records will cause your account to be suspended until a valid tax form is received.
  • The person completing this form must be the owner of the Single Member LLC.  As the owner, please review the below steps to help you navigate through the online form:

Gather the  following information which will be required to complete the form:

A. Your legal name - As it appears on your Social Security Records and Tax Returns

B. The name of your registered LLC

C. Your Address - Please Note: This address will be listed on your 1099 tax form each year.  If your address changes, please submit a new form to avoid delays in receiving your annual 1099 and insure your information is up to date in our system.

D. Social Security Number (SSN) - Single Member LLCs are instructed by the IRS to enter the owner’s SSN on the form, instead of a Employer Identification Number (EIN) issued in the name of the LLC.  Only enter an EIN if it was issued in the name of the owner.  Entering an EIN issued in the name of the LCC will cause your W-9 to fail IRS tax ID verification.  Click Here for IRS W-9 and full instructions

Once you have gathered the required information above, Login to your Traxsource account and follow the steps below to submit your tax form:

* Please note, in order to submit tax form, you must first have completed a payment method.  For help with this step please click here.

1- Login to The Traxsource Label & Content System here

2- Click on "My Company Info" from the Top Left Menu

3- Click on the "Payments and Tax Info" Tab

4- Click on "Submit A Tax Form"


5- Select “I am a U.S. Person” and Click on “Continue”



6- Enter your legal name as it appears on your tax returns

7- Enter Your Address 

8- Part II - Taxpayer Identification Number:  

  • Choose your Tax Classification (LLC- Single Member)) 
  • Enter your Social Security Number (SSN): You may only enter an EIN if it was issued in the owner's name.  

9- Click on “Continue”



10- Review the summary of your taxpayer information.

11- Part II - Certification: Be sure to complete all the certifications for the form 

12- Type your name to indicate you are certifying the information you have provided on the form.

13- Click on “Complete W-9” to Submit your form  




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