How Do I Submit A Sample Pack Release?

Gather / Prepare Items

• Sample Pack Files (midi/audio etc) must be put into a zip file(s) and labelled with NO spacing.
e.g Traxsource-House-Loops-Sample-Pack
• Perfectly square image 600x600 or larger. Must be HQ
• 2 minute audio preview of the sample pack(s). Must be in mp3 format and at least 192kbps.

Submit Your Sample Pack

1. Login here, and click on New Submissions (in the Content Menu).


2. Click Add New Release then Start Here button.



 Fill in all the Release Information by completing the form.
To understand each section on this page, click HERE

Note:  Sounds-Samples-Loop-Pack must be selected from the Format drop down menu.


4. Once completed, Click the Next Step: Release Files Upload button.

5. Click the Green Add Files button to select all relevant Audio & Image files from your computer. 


6. Once you have selected all the Sample Pack files for your release, click the Blue Start Upload button to begin uploading the files to the Traxsource servers.



7. Once all the files have finished uploading, click the Next Step: Release Files Upload button (Pictured Above).

Choose the correct Image file for your release by Clicking the Select button beside it.  Then click the Next Step: Track Info button.



On the Track Info page, fill in the required track level information for the sample pack(s).
Once you've finished, click Save Track.

Important 'Track Info Page' Notes.

Select the appropriate genre from the Suggest Genre list. If your pack has a multitude of genres, select Sounds, Samples & Loops.

Click the Select Uploaded File button and choose your sample pack zip file.

Click the Select Uploaded Preview button and choose your sample pack audio preview file.

• Multiple Tracks: If you have multiple zip files for the single release, simply click Add New Track to add more or select on a previously added track then click Clone Selected. This is very useful if all your zipfile  have the same publisher, writer and copyright information.Screen_Shot_2019-05-07_at_22.27.43_copy.png

• If your sample pack has multiple zip files (e.g. drums, chords, vocals etc.) for the single release and you would like them all sold together rather than individually, click Album Only on each track.


• Track Order: If you need to reorder the tracks inside your release, click the blue arrow beside the desire track to change their position.



10. Once all track information is added, click the Next Step: Pricing button to add your sample pack Individual Track Pricing and/or Whole Release PricingInput your price points WITHOUT the currency icon. e.g 19.99 and not $19.99.

Note: If your sample pack has more than 1 track, please submit the whole pack price and single track prices if you have NOT selected Album Only on each of the tracks.

 Click Next Step: Review & Submit (Pictured Above) to see a detailed summary of all the information you input for your release.  If something is wrong, you may go back to any previous page to amend information, once you are sure all is correct - Click Agree & Submit. 



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