How To Maximize Your Chance Of A DJ Chart Feature


Here are a few tips to help you increase the chances for your DJ chart to be featured, not only on our site but also on our social media profiles. These guidelines include advice on both track selection and visual aspects. 


(By the way, if you don’t have an Entity Account yet, you could apply for one in this link here. If you need help on How to create a DJ chart, this is your link)

The artists that consistently deliver good DJ charts, maximize their exposure and consequently their sales. Please take a moment to read these helpful tips, so we can help you grow your personal brand in the House Music ecosystem.  


1. Track selection and variety is key to showcase your taste: Avoid including too many tracks from the same artist (especially if it’s you) or the same label. Instead, try to showcase new music or hidden gems from peer artists within the scene. Solely boosting your own tracks is not desirable and reduces the chance of home page/social features. 


2. The image reflects your personal brand. We don’t judge the book by its cover, but we do look for visual consistency on our site, so please follow some of these guidelines when you choose your DJ CHART image.

  • In order to keep consistency within the site, we recommend portrait style photos or press-kit photos. They don’t need to be professional, just good quality. Nowadays mobile phones can take great quality photos. It could also be a cool photo of you performing, or just having fun. 
  • We recommend you avoid using graphically designed or altered images. e.g. adding logos, filters, overlaying text... (Please be advised any images with heavy graphic adjustments could risk missing out on features.)
  • When selecting DJ chart features, we try to keep them looking as clean as possible with a good contrast to the release sections. Therefore, we advise against using cover artwork as your photo, as it goes against the visual consistency we are aiming for on our site.
  • Image files must be in JPG.
  • RGB color mode only (no CMYK please.)
  • Square with a minimum resolution of 600 X 600 pixels. Please, don’t use vertical or horizontal images and try to squeeze them, as faces will appear distorted. 

Here’s a quick visual list of obvious examples of do’s and don’ts.



3. Different photos for each DJ Chart. Who doesn’t love variety? Our audience loves it too. That’s why we suggest you use a different picture of choice for each of your DJ Charts.

4. DJ chart title also matters. Using a catchy title is always a good idea. No need to put your name in the chart name, as it will be featured automatically. 

With these useful tips, you are one step closer to being featured!

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