Move using: Takedown and Redeliver

The following article outlines the process of completely removing all of a Labels releases from the site and then redelivering the entire catalog.


Please Note:  There are pros, cons and certain things you must accept to utilize this method of transfer. Before choosing which process you should use please carefully review the following points: 

1- THE PROS: Clean, complete, little room for error.
2- THE CONS: The Labels releases will lose important site stats and URLs, Loss of previous Dj Chart inclusions, Featured positions and past buyers lose connection to product.  Content is completely offline until re-delivery is complete.
3- IMPORTANT FACT: Once you choose this method of migration there is no way around the cons listed above.  The previous stats and URLs for each release are not recoverable.

Please note, if it is important to your Labels to preserve their stats and positioning please consider using the "Move and Update" method of migration, but only if you are technically able to do so Learn More


The Process is as follows:

  1. Contact and make a request for the label to be transferred to your account.  Please include the name of the label, the requested transfer date, a link to the label on and request for all existing releases to be removed so you can redeliver.
  2. Traxsource will then locate the label and, if needed, contact the current distributor for confirmation.
  3. Once everyone is in agreement the existing releases will be taken down and the label will be transferred to your account. You will receive notification that you now have control of the label and can begin re-delivery at your convenience.

PLEASE NOTE: While complete re-delivery of a catalog is the cleanest way to take over a label, the label will lose all site stats and URLs, Dj Chart inclusions, Featured Positions.  The content will be offline for a period of time and previous buyers will lose connection to the product.

***We also ask that if you choose to re-deliver that you include the correct original release date in your metadata to maintain the integrity of the labels catalog history. 

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