Traxsource is a boutique music store with the heart of an independent label.  We have created a set of "Best Practices" to help you and your Labels get the most out of our platform.  Please take some time and carefully review the points below, we are positive it will help us to help you maximize your results.


1.  Use our 'Label & Content' System

Our Label and Content system (located at ) is our back end portal which provides many powerful tools to add capabilities for managing the content delivered from your feed.  

With it you may: 

  • Manage Staff Logins: Each member of your team can have their very own login tailored to the roll they play in your organization.  Learn more
  • Supplement Catalog Maintenance: In addition to your XML / DDEX feeds, you may review your active labels and titles as well as manually perform metadata, audio and Image file updates - directly from our back end system. Learn More
  • Manage Takedowns: In addition to your XML / DDEX feeds, you may manually execute title and track takedowns as well as review the status of an XML / DDEX request. Learn More
  • Generate Release Reports: Easily extract insightful release reports for labels showing exactly where their release have been featured and are charting.  Learn More
  • Submit Feature Requests: Pitch our A&R Team about your priority releases in our preferred method of communication.  Learn More
  • Submit DJ Charts: Submit supportive DJ Charts on behalf of any artist on any of your labels.  Learn More
  • Manage Label & Artist Profiles: Manage label & artist profiles including bios and images / logos.  Learn More
  • Generate Sales Reports: Generate daily, weekly or monthly sales quantity reports for your company or any of your labels. Learn More
  • Manage Important Account Information: Update, address, email preferences, payment information etc.  Learn More
  • Review Account & Tax related FAQs: Learn More
  • “Opt-In” to Special Programs: Learn More

2. Deliver Relevant Content 

Because we are a small boutique store focused primarily on House Music and its sub genres, it's very important you ONLY deliver relevant content.  Preferred partners get us and we get them, and this synergy has creates a powerful partnership which generates consistant results.  Control your feed carefully.

For Example, Please DO NOT Deliver:

  • Yoga and Exercise Compilations. 
  • Meditation music
  • Folk Music
  • World Music
  • Reggaeton
  • Trance
  • EDM
  • Drum and Bass
  • Rock
  • Trap

*** PLEASE NOTE: We would prefer that you control this process and maintain the ability to add new labels freely.  Saying that, if you are unable to effectively do this, we will move you to an "approved label status ingestion feed" which means you must seek approval to add new labels.  *If you are currently in this status and would like to be re-evaluated, please contact 

Additionally, we periodically review content sitting on our drives which is not selling for potential removal.  If and when you receive notice from Traxsource regarding potential content being considered for removal, we would ask you to promptly review it and help us handle your content with care. 

3. Consider Delivery Timelines, Preorders, & Exclusive Promos ++

To get the most out of your releases please consider the following points:

  • Deliver Early: Deliver a full 2 weeks before the Traxsource live date. (submissions received less than 10 days are not eligible for any featured positions)
  • Deliver with Preorder & Exclusive Promos:  These 2 key options drive sales on Traxsource by adding to the lifespan of each release window and providing a higher price point.
  • Learn More:  View Maximizing Sales, View 10 Keys to a successful Partnership

4. Tune Up Your Genre Map

If your content is regularly landing in the wrong genres on Traxsource - it's time to consider Tuning up your Genre Map.  It all comes down to how your system is mapped into ours, and we can help.  Please email with the subject line "Tune Up our Genre Maps" and we will be happy to take a deep dive into this for you. 


5. Integrate Our 'API' Into Your Dashboards

It is a fact, the Distribution partners who have integrated our API into their label dashboards have better sales.  Providing up to date and (almost) immediate sales data, featured position data, sales chart positions directly to your labels drives adoption and revenue.  You may Learn More here or contact us with any questions at . 


6. Understanding How Labels Move From One Distributor To Another

There are 2 main ways to handle a label move and each has its own sets of pros and cons, please take a moment to review each of them below and learn which makes the most sense for you in your particular situation so we can make your next move as frictionless as possible. 

1. Takedown and Redeliver: The process of removing all (or a portion)of a Labels content from the site completely, then redelivering all of it. 

      • PROS: Clean, complete, little room for error.
      • CONS: Loss of important site stats and URLs, Loss of Dj Chart inclusions, Past buyers lose connection to product, Content is offline for a period
      • Learn More

2. Move and Update: The process of moving all (or a portion) of a labels content from the control of one Distributor to another, and performing Updates if required for maintenance

      • PROS: Maintains all site stats and URLs, Dj Chart inclusions, Content never comes offline, Previous buyers do not lose connection to the product.
      • CONS: Requires your use of the UPC codes that are already in our system. Potential creation of a duplicate titles if the UPC Codes you deliver are not identical.
      • Learn More


7.  Request Genre Changes

If you would like to have the genre on a particular release or track changed, please send your request to Include the following information stated below in your message.

  • Email Subject: Request Genre Changes
  • Release Title.
  • Release Cat number.
  • Release UPC Number.
  • Traxsource URL release link (Optional).
  • The genre(s) you would like for that track(s) or full release.

Please note, Traxsource reserves the right to place music where it feels best and your request is subject to approval by our A&R team. This how we maintain an organize web store.   Saying that, whenever possible we will accommodate reasonable requests. 

8.  Communicate With Us 

We are here to help! If your inquiry cannot be answered via our Distributor Helpdesk, please get in touch with our Label Support team directly at

9. Encourage Labels & Artists To: 

  • Drive Traffic To Sales Pages: Their job is to create demand, our job is to fulfill it. Learn More.
  • Set up Entity Accounts:  Labels and Artists can manage profiles and submit charts using Entity accounts.  Learn More.
  • Learn More about our processes and how to achieve Results: Read About Label Best Practices, Read how to be a good partner.  Learn More.









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